CHOIR AND MUSIC FOR DETAILS OF OUR ORGAN CLICK ON PICTURE BELOW THE ORGAN CHOIR WITH REVD. JOHN ROSSINGTON TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE RSCM CLICK ON LOGO CHOIR WITH REVD. IAN MICHAEL The Boys and Men of the Cathedral Choir gave a Recital of  music ranging from Henry VIII to Bob Chilcott.         The organists were Joe Waggott and Jonathan Stamp and   the Choir was directed by Tim Harper.


OCTOBER 14th 2012

At this service, Isaac Robinson was admitted as a full member of our choir and received his surplice.

Oscar Lyttle received his dark blue ribbon,

and Daniel Blackledge his light blue ribbon.





There were also many social events each year, such as an annual Parish Picnic with service at Lapworth, outings to Drayton Manor Park and the Annual Wassail Evening just before Christmas.

Many of the younger members of the choir also belonged to the Youth Club, and this group also went on many residential trips. These included weekends to Derbyshire and the Forest of Dean, as well as weeks away in the summer to West Wales.

In the 1990s the church was also the main host for The Harborne  Music Festival, a series of six concerts during June and July each year. Our Parish Church Choir would allways take part in one of these.

We are proud of the training that the choir has given to so many young people. We remain members of The Royal School of Church Music, and many choristers have gained their green, purple or gold medals, becoming Dean's Chorister or Bishop's Chorister. Over the years many of our choristers have gone on to develop their musical kills at a higher level.

Cathedral Choir :(Boys) . Oliver Palmer, Benjamin Palmer

                                       and Edward Lawrence

Cathedral Choir :(Girls)    Thea Lawrence, Rose Lawrence Music Degree :   Susannah Palmer, Lucinda Wright, Lucy Greenwood, Peter Sitford, Nick Griffiths and James Griffiths.

Choral Scholarship: Tesha Biathwaite

Professional Singer : Abigail Kelly

        Abigail's website :


       Over time the membership of the choir has changed, and it has been harder to recruit new members. As a result, our repertoire has become more conservative, and the choir's commitment not so great, so that now they sing just on Sunday mornings and have one

rehearsal each week.

It has been pleasing to see an encouraging influx of new members over the past few years, however, and these singers worked hard to form an excellent small choir. They lead the music in Sunday morning Worship very well each week, and are also now taking part in extra events, such as concerts and a Choir Outing.


Recently two choristers, Letitia Treacy and Nathan White, took the Royal School of Church Music Dean's Award (green ribbon), and we were delighted that they were both successful. The Dean presented them with their awards at the Royal School of Church Music Annual Festival Service in Birmingham Cathedral on Saturday 8th 2011.

    Do you enjoy singing, or do you know someone else who does?

                             Would you like to join us?

                        What do I have to be able to do?

    Just come along and sing a short hymn or song of your choice to show that you have some musical ability.

                                          The benefits

                                A free musical education

                                    Free singing lessons

        A safe and friendly atmosphere within a safe environment.

                                      Make new friends

                              Enjoyable social activities

        Payment for singing at services, rehearsals and weddings.

    All this is organised and led by an experienced and well qualified musician.

       If you are interested, contact the Organist and Choirmaster

                 Simon Palmer      B.Mus, LTCL, ABSM, ACertCM.

 TELE: O121 440 6519    Email:

Simon was a chorister at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff as a boy. He came to Birmingham to study music at Birmingham University, and received singing and organ lessons at Birmingham Conservatoire.        He has been Organist and Choirmaster at our church since 1981.

    As well as holding a Bachelor of Music degree from Birmingham University, he has an LTCL in Music Education, and is an Associate of the Birmingham School of Music (Singing Teacher).  He was awarded the Archbishop of Canterbury's Certificate in Church Music awarded by The Guild of Church Musicians.

  Simon is passionate about the importance of good quality church music.  He is a member of the Birmingham Area Committee of Royal School of Church Music and an examiner for the Dean's and Bishop's Awards. He is Diocesan representative for the Friends of Cathedral Music, and Chairman of the Birmingham Cathedral Old Chorister's Association

    Simon is also Head of Music at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys in King's Heath. Here also, standards of music are high, and in the past two years pupils have gone on to be Organ Scholars at Oxford University Colleges.

                          Saturday 1st October 2011

     Recital given by the Choir of Birmingham Cathedral

                              Saturday 8th October 2011

         Presentation of the Dean's Awards to Létitia Treacy and Nathan White in Birmingham Cathedral.

    This took place during the RSCM Festival Service entitled 'the Word Revealed' to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

Adrian Richards

  David Griffiths

Simon Palmer