Parish of
St.Faith and St. Laurence
Harborne, Birmingham

Prayer Calendar

       This is a daily schedule for prayer covering the streets of the parish, institutions etc within the parish and church groups and task groups. Please use it each day in your prayers.

Please continue to pray for the peace of the world and the growth of justice in human dealings.
1    Worship Task Group
     Onneley House
     Local Doctors and dentists
     People working in the Armed forces
     Queens Park Road, Court Oak Grove, and Tennal Grove

2   Women's Fellowship
    Queen Alexandra's College
     People working in leisure and tourism
     Spreadbury Close, Sheepmoor Close, Hunstanton Ave. and Peel      Walk

3   Baptism Visitors
    Martineau Centre
    People working in Retail
    Hagley Road West and Winchfield Drive

4   Pastoral Group
     Baskerville School
     People working in business and finance
     Ridgacre Rd, Glyn Rd, Bent Ave. and Max Rd.

5   Mission Task Group
    TAVR Centre
    Hall user-casual lettings
    People who are carers for sick and disabled
    Wolverhampton Rd South, Thornhurst Ave.

6   Socials Task Group
     Pubs in the parish
     Hall user- Flower Club
     People working as Careers advisors
     Tennal Rd and Tennal Lane.

7    Readers and intercessors
      Magazine advertisers
      People working in National and local Government
      West Boulevard, Woodhouse Rd. and Tedstone Rd.

8   Children and Young people Task Group
      Hall user- Bridge Club
      People working in Sales and Marketing
      Quinton Lane and Stanfield Road

9    Ministry Team
      St Joseph's Home
      People working in Education
      Toronto Gdns, Tennal Drive, and Ledsam Grove

10   Choir and Musicians
       Quinton Lane Care Centre
        People working in Social care
       Blackbushe Close, Cockthorpe Close, and Fugelmere Close

11   Buildings Task Group
       Quinborne Centre
       Hall user- Tea dances
       All those who are retired
       Ingham Way, Porter's Croft, Pale Lane and Norwich Drive

12    Servers and Bellringers
        Local Shops and businesses
         People working in Health care
        Leigham Drive, Hazeley Close, and Hartford Close

13    Education Task Group
        Local Funeral directors
         Hall user -DAWN Group
        People working in the Civil Service
         Lower White Road and White Road

14     Communion Assistants and Home communion visitors
         Uniformed Organisations
          People working in agriculture and land
          Croftdown Road and Lordswood Road

15    Sunday Club
        Court Oak Kindergarten and Copperbeech Nursery
        People working in Law and the courts
        Copperbeech Close, Savoy Close, and Cedarhurst

16     Work with older young people
          Little Fishers Pre-school
          People working in Communications
          Grosvenor Rd. Oak Close and Elm Tree Rd.

17    Stay and Play
         People working in the Emergency services
         Court Oak Road and Fellows Lane

18    Finance Task Group
        Queen Mother Gardens
        Hall User- U3A
        People caring for children and home
        Walmead Croft Fakenham Croft and Kenward Croft.

19    Baptism Families
        Our Lady of Fatima RC School
        People working in transport and haulage
       Fitzroy Ave, Minley Ave, Crookham Close

20    Gridiron
        Woodhouse Primary School
        People working in Restaurants and catering
        Hamilton Ave. and Blakeney Ave.

21    Praying Together group
        Peter and Jane Nott, Mission Partners working in     Israel/Palestine with CMS
        People working in administration
        Duncombe Grove, Wintney Close, Green Walk and Gimble Walk

22    PCC
        Christian Aid
        People working in sport
        Sir Richard's Drive, Word Hill, The Close

23    Wardens and Deputy Wardens
        Other places of worship in the parish
        People working in manufacturing
        Overdale Rd, Bourne Green, Amersham Close and Ridgmont    Croft

24    Sidespeople
        Felipe Saravia and Gumercindo Queuepil in Chile funded by    USPG
        People who are unemployed
        Aubrey Road, Redhall Rd and Stanley Ave.

25    Website and magazine
        Churches Together in Harborne
        Students and people working in research
       World’s End Lane World’s End Avenue

26    Malawi Link and Liwonde Parish
        People working in Recruitment and Personnel / human     resourses
        Balden Road, The Lindens and Norman Ave.

27     Coffee Mornings
         Edgbaston Deanery
         People working in  cleaning and refuse collection and recycling
        Wood Lane, Woodville Rd and Wentworth Ave

28    People on 3D course
        Edgborne Group
        People working in Construction and engineering
        Hampton Court Rd, Earl’s Court Rd. and Whitefield Ave.

29    The sick and housebound
         Court Oak House
         Call in for Coffee visitors and helpers
         Beech Road

30      Wedding couples and their families
          Development of the Church garden and the gardening group

31      Church flower arrangers
          Reflection groups
          Churches in vacancy

Gracious God, let your will for us be known.
Let all be partners in shaping the future with a faith that quarrels with the present
for the sake of what might yet be.

                                       (Taiwan, source unknown)
                              Some prayers to help you.


Almighty and everlasting God,
we thank you that you have
brought us safely
to the beginning of this day.
Keep us from falling into sin
or running into danger,
order us in all our doings
and guide us to do always
what is righteous in your sight;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
          Lighten our darkness,
         Lord, we pray,
         and in your great mercy
         defend us from all perils and           dangers of this night,
         for the love of your only Son,
         our Saviour Jesus Christ.
                                 For Peace and Justice
    God of history,
    You share our joys and crushing sorrows
    You hear the cries of the afflicted,
    You fill the hungry
    And you set free the oppressed
    We pray for the end to all injustice.
    Inspire us with the all-embracing love of God,
    Challenge us with the sacrificial love of Jesus,
    Empower us with the
    Transforming love of the Spirit
      That we and all God’s people