Prayer of the Month

I was discussing with someone the state of the world and the way in which the world seems a very unstable and difficult place, notwithstanding any events that might be going on for us personally. I also saw the following prayer shared on Facebook by the Archbishop of Canterbury with the invitation to join in the prayer with him on March 14th. I’ve chosen this prayer for April because I think that the world won’t have got any easier by then and because the message of the Easter story brings glimmers of light into the darkest places and offers us hope even when all around seems dire.

   Our world leaders need great wisdom and huge amounts of prayer so let us pray.


  A prayer at a time of international uncertainty

Lord of the Nations,

Who loves us faithfully in all our troubles,

We pray for our leaders:

In their struggles give them wisdom,

In their ambitions give them moderation,

In their fears give them courage,

So that the affairs of this world may be peaceful,

That justice may reign and Your Kingdom be seen,

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

                                       Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury