Prayer of the Month

Easter is relatively late this year, on 16th April so for half of April we will be in Lent and for half of it in the Easter Season. In the light of this a prayer/ meditation from the Iona Community which offer some insight on waiting and acting.

God help us (a meditation)

There is a time for asking questions

but there is also a day of decision.

There is a time to discuss who Jesus is,

but there is also a time to take up your cross and follow him.

There is a time to weigh the issues carefully,

but there are issues which will not wait until tomorrow.

If we wait until we understand everything

we will wait forever

If we do not follow the light which we do see,

we will receive no more light.

If we, today, miss this opportunity

then God help us.

Ian Cowie © Iona Community, Glasgow Scotland  taken from Egg and Ashes

      In our journeys of faith there can be crucial moment when we have to take action. If during this latter part of Lent and beginning of Easter you find yourself with one of those then hold onto it and trust God to help you to act.