Prayer of the Month


               These are words I wrote reflecting on Elijah as he fled the wrath of Queen Jezebel having defeated the prophets of Baal. He is sunk into depression, despite his success, despite seeing God at work in tremendous power. He needs the gentle touch of the still small voice, or the gentle murmuring sound or the sound of sheer silence, depending on your translation. He needs to know the presence of God, not in awesome power, but in presence and grace, and this is what he is given.

After 1 Kings 19

Hid in the cleft of the rock

we call out for your presence.

We have known

the tumultuous passing of the storm.

We have felt

the disruption of ground-breaking terror.

We have feared

the destruction of burning.

We call out for your presence Lord.

We need your still small voice

to quell the storm,

to level the ground,

to quench the fire.

In that quiet murmuring sound

We may reclaim our lives.

© Priscilla White 2008