Prayer of the Month


November is a month very much connected with acts of remembrance – from Armistice Day when we remember those who have died during wars and conflicts to All Souls’ Day when we remember everyone who has died. I wrote a little about this in the Dear Friends letter at the beginning of the magazine, so I thought I would continue the theme of remebering God in everything we do in this month’s prayer.

Prayer of Remembering

It is when we are still that we know.

It is when we listen that we hear.

It is when we remember that we see your light, O God.

From your Stillness we come.

With your Sound all life quivers with being.

From You the light of this moment shines.

Grant us to remember you at the heart of each moment.

Grant us to remember.

by John Philip Newell, Praying With the Earth

     Vicky Miller (Reader)