Prayer of the Month

 At this time of the year, many people take their holidays. August has always been seen as the holiday month even for the Church of England!! We need our holidays and relaxation time more than ever! It would seem we are a generation of busy people working hard but hardly living. Getting enough rest and relaxation is often at the bottom of our priority lists. It is important to ask God for his help if life seems to be spiralling out of control. Prayer can then become top of the priority list! Choose to make prayer a priority every day. Talk with God, trust in him, and rest on the inside even as you work. Powerful prayer begins as you release your cares, connect with God, and allow him to work through you!   A happy and restful August.

Before Prayer

I weave a silence on my lips,

I weave a silence into my hand,

I close my ears to distractions,

I close my eyes to attentions,

I close my heart to temptations.

Calm me O Lord as you stilled the storm,

Still me O Lord, keep me from harm.

Let all the tumult within me cease,

Enfold me Lord in your peace.




                                                                                                                                        Celtic Traditional

                   Sally Griffiths