Parish of
St.Faith and St. Laurence
Harborne, Birmingham
Stained Glass Windows

The windows were installed after the Second World War. They were all donated in memory of various individuals. The windows were not all installed and designed together. They show a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to very modern. The designers include the famous Hardman studio, based in Lightwoods Park.
The windows follow a pattern:
In the Porch, the windows show God bringing order out of chaos. The Narthex Windows are of the Prophets and John the Baptist. The North Aisle Windows show the Baptism, teachings and life of Christ. The Sanctuary illustrates the events of Holy Week. The Ceiling windows illustrate the Angels and Archangels. In the Lady Chapel, the windows illustrate the Holy Family, the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis. Some of the Parables are shown in the side windows. In the South Aisle, the windows show some of the Saints, including the patron saints of the church.
These modern windows were installed in memory of Jane Bailey, 1960 - 1979. These modern windows express the bringing of order out of chaos. The left window is totally fragmented. In the right window, there is an image of a flower, a rose. Through Jesus we are born again out of chaos into a new, ordered relationship with God.
Moses. In memory of Evelyn Francis Gregory 1912 -1976. Wife of a former Churchwarden,                         Norman Gregory.

John the Baptist. In memory of William Elkins, 1896-1973. Churchwarden from 1933-1963.

Elijah.  In memory of Emmie Read, 1892 -1977, widow of Mr Read, a former church caretaker.
The windows in the North and South Aisles are arranged as triptychs - sets of three windows. The central window contains the main theme and is balanced by "supporting" windows on either side.
The Baptism of Jesus. In memory of Ellen Pickard who died in 1942. She was the mother of a member of St Peter's congregation who were supporters of the new church. Jesus stands in the River Jordan. The Holy Spirit is seen in the form of the dove. The supporting windows show angels.
Suffer the little Children. In memory of Reginald Trundle who died in 1943, aged 49. Jesus stands on a carpet of spring flowers, holding a small boy with a young girl standing close by. The side panels have central wreaths of flowers and panes with the interlinking initials of Reginald Trundle and his wife Clentine.
He took the Cup. In memory of Robert Pennel, who died in Japanese hands in Borneo aged 30, 23 January 1945. Jesus stands holding the cup at the Last Supper. The side windows show angels, holding a cross and a star, hovering over scenes of the English countryside. The small panes show stylised flowers and the crest of the Royal Air Force.

Behold the Man.
 In memory of William George Barnes, DFC who died aged 23 on 11 April 1944. Jesus stands in Pilate's Palace in the crown of thorns and the purple robe with which he had been mocked. The supporting windows show a central wreath of palm leaves and the passionflower (so called as its markings symbolise the wounds of Christ). The right hand panel bears the inscription "Greater love no man than this, that a man lays down his life for his friends". The small panes show the crest and initials of the Royal Air Force. An image of the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) is seen at the bottom of these windows.

Christ appears to Mary Magdalene. (Partially obscured behind the organ pipes) In memory of Francis Randolph Richards. Mary Magdalene is kneeling at the feet of the Risen Christ beside the tomb. The central panels of the supporting windows show the sponge of vinegar, spear and flail used by the soldiers at the Crucifixion on the left and the crown of thorns and the nails on the right.

Angels and Archangels. Windows show various types of angels and Archangels. In memory of Submariner William Whitley, who died in 1943 while serving in H.M Navy Submarines and William Whitley Senior who died in 1955.

North Window (left)
Entry into Jerusalem. In memory of W.G. Sissons, St Faith and St Laurence's first Vicar.

South Window (right)
Washing his feet.         In memory of Mrs Elsie Sissons, wife of W.G.Sissons, St Faith and
                                         St Laurence's first Vicar.

All these windows were designed and made by the Hardman studios in Lightwoods Park.

Behind the altar
The Magnificat. Shows the Angel announcing to Mary that she is to bear the Son of God. In memory of George William Thomas Blunn, 1911-1948. He was the local postmaster.
The Nunc Dimittis. Showing Simeon with the infant Jesus at his presentation at the Temple. In memory of Ernest Martin Blunn, 1886-1956.
The Holy Family. In memory of Marguerite Elizabeth Griffiths, 1913-1941.

Side Windows
These windows represent images from the Parables, some of the stories told by Jesus.
The Sower and the Seed. In memory of Mary Lilian Cund, 1876-1958.
The Samaritan. In memory of Florence Amelia Smith and Edward Cyril Smith.
The Lost Sheep. In memory of Harry Read, a former church caretaker, 1884-1942.
The  Lost Coin. In memory of William James Simpson, 1893-1960.
The Prodigal Son. In memory of William Henry Bishop, 1890-1961.
Dives and Lazarus. Showing the story of the rich and the poor man in heaven. In memory of Jane Ann Pannell, 1942-1963.

The windows in the North and South Aisles are arranged as triptychs - sets of three windows. The central window contains the main theme and is balanced by "supporting" windows on either side.

St Peter. In memory of Percy Clarke 1886-1954, churchwarden 1937-1950. The central window shows St Peter standing on a beach besides Lake Galilee, with seashells at his feet. The supporting windows show key images relating to St Peter. The left window shows a fishing net and fish with the empty tomb of Christ at the bottom and illustrates Peter as the Fisher of Men. The right window shows a rural landscape with sheep scattered over the hills and illustrates Jesus' command to Peter "Feed my sheep".

St Cecilia. In memory of Dorothy Elizabeth Robinson, 1924-1946. St Cecilia, the patron saint of church music is seen holding a small organ with Italianate scenery in the background. The supporting windows have cliff and seascapes at the bottom and a central panel of carnations. The small panes show stylised carnations.

St Francis. In memory of Francis Henry Stokeld RAFVR, killed at Beauvais, France on 4 July 1944 aged 21. The central window shows St Francis beside a tree and bushes surrounded by birds and accompanied by a wolf. The central panels in each windows show symbols associated with Jesus. The left window shows a cross in front of a sunrise and surrounded by the crown of thorns. The small panes contain stylised flowers. At the bottom is the motto "Pro libertate" ("For freedom") and crest of 106 Bomber Squadron, Royal Air Force. The crest shows a lion sejant, rampant, holding a banner charged with an astral crown. The right hand window has a central panel of a crown surrounding the initials IHS.

St Laurence. In memory of FO Cyril Thomas Collier, Lawrence William Garfield, Kenneth Stanley Judd, three members of the Young Peoples Club who died in World War Two. St Laurence is seen standing in Italianate scenery on the symbol of his martyrdom, the gridiron. The left window has a central wreath of laurel leaves surrounding the badge of the Young Peoples Club. The small panes show the crest and initials of the Royal Air Force.

St Faith. In memory of Mary Matthews 1912-1944, former caretaker and successor to Mr Read.   St Faith is shown standing surrounded by lilies and briar roses. The left window has a central wreath of spring flowers, including bluebells and primroses. The window on the right has a central wreath of wild summer flowers, including honeysuckle, daisies and cowslips.